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Wildfang e.V.

logo Wildfang

With Bookacamp we have taken a giant step into digitization and increased efficiency! Back then, when we started booking travel with Bookacamp, we were really excited. But Bookacamp owner Matze took us by the hand like on the first day of school. He patiently explained every detail of our booking steps to us educators (!). Everything went "like clockwork".

Now, two years later - in 2021, we have more time to look back with a satisfied smile. They are almost forgotten because they no longer exist, the stacks of paper with travel registrations, the hard-to-read faxes, the ruminations when deciphering customer email addresses, guest lists that are not up to date ... etc.

Bookacamp is like a tailor-made suit for us. From questionnaires to billing models, assignments from health insurers, interview appointments, access by volunteers to selected dates, booking options for the youth welfare office - and we really had a lot of special requests!

Bookacamp is always one step ahead of us! The owner understands that he is so close to his customers that the software is always being further developed in an incredibly helpful manner. Bookacamp has solutions in places where we haven't even recognized the problem.

And one more thing: Who likes to talk about the price? But you can! The pricing concept is transparent, honest and low-risk. From our point of view, Bookacamp is therefore suitable for companies of all sizes.

However, one painful question remains, which Bookacamp cannot answer either: Why haven't we used it earlier?

Knuth Gründer, Wildfang e.V.


logo Campfuchs

We have been working successfully with Bookacamp for several years. In addition to the great functionality, clarity, transparency and flexibility, we especially like the fast and competent type of communication. Bookacamp has not only simplified our booking processes, but also offers great opportunities to further improve the camp organization. We have also recently started using the feedback and supervisor tool. We can only recommend Bookacamp and have not regretted the step from our own booking system to Bookacamp for a minute.

Christoph Schipper, Campfuchs

Hannoversche Sportjugend

hannoversche sportjugend logo

In the course of digitization and restructuring, we decided in favor of Bookacamp to process our holiday measures automatically in the future. After a short time it can be said that it was one of the best decisions. Bookacamp has made the processing and administration much easier and reduced the workload to a minimum, so that we can dedicate the resources that have now been freed up to other important tasks. Due to the constant continuous developments and the response to individual needs, we now have an optimal system that holistically covers all levels in the best possible way, be it for booking and payment processes, as well as documentation, customer communication and management on site. With the constant availability and communication, a great and honest business relationship has emerged from which everyone benefits and we no longer want to be without Bookacamp. We can warmly recommend Bookacamp to everyone.

Nils Voigt, Hannoversche Sportjugend

Jugenderholungswerk Hamburg

logo Jugenderholungswerk Hamburg

Bookacamp was already a proven and mature system at the time of our introduction at the Jugenderholungswerk (Youth Recreation Center). The functionality of the system, the positive and professional nature of Mathias, and the fair pricing model, perfectly matched to the needs of a children's and youth travel vendor, have convinced us to introduce Bookacamp to the start of the season in 2019. We at JEW have thus gone from paper-based to completely Internet-based registration. And that for a good 1,200 bookings per year. The benefits of this change are already apparent two months after the launch.

The most important first: our customers are enthusiastic. The combination of appealing JEW website and easy registration in Bookacamp provide consistently positive response from parents who book travel for their children with us. In addition, we were able to move our registration period through the online bookings clearly to the front. As a result, parents can book a place with us a few months earlier than in previous years. This increases both the planning security of the parents and our own when it comes to the utilization of our trips.

In addition, compared to the previously used Access-based internal booking database, we have a much more stable system, which relieves us of its internal functions (e.g. by eliminating customer data collection) as well as saving some costs (e.g. no postage for the previously postal booking confirmations). All in all, this gives us much more time to take care of what really counts: our customers and their individual advice.

In addition, there are great reporting functionalities that we can use both for capacity planning of our camps as well as for the operational preparation of holiday trips (for example lists of food intolerances). Another highlight is the top-level collaboration with Mathias. The implementation of our specific features as additional functionality in Bookacamp is absolutely reliable and of high quality at the level of both coordination and implementation. After just three months of preparation, we were able to put Bookacamp into operation with us, including the training of our 10 employees.

The intuitive handling of the software also contributes to the fact that everyone in the team feels relief in their everyday work and is enthusiastic about the possibilities of the software. As a next step, we will gradually introduce Bookacamp's teamer registration and administration to us in the coming months, promising us similar effects as on the customer side. Bookacamp thus offers the JEW as a company the technical and work organization basis to successfully and efficiently implement our targeted growth in the coming years. Many thanks to Mathias and his team for that and for the great cooperation.

Carsten Wode, Jugenderholungswerk Hamburg


logo Juvigo

Bookacamp is the ideal partner for the progressive digitization of the youth travel industry. The booking system not only offers organizers and agencies a clearly structured and user-friendly system for recording and managing bookings, but also simplifies booking considerably for the customer. The booking system is another GDPR-compliant way of capturing data and exchanging information between partners, particularly with regard to the latest legal changes in data protection. Bookacamp reduces both the processing times and the error rates for bookings and ensures the secure transmission of data. Together with Bookacamp, we are pleased to be able to offer our partner particularly favorable conditions for the use of the booking system and look forward to the coming season.

Björn Viergutz, Juvigo, Berlin

Camp Adventure

logo Camp Adventure

Bookacamp is the ideal tool to minimize administrative work while improving the quality of the customer's registration process. The tool works very stable and provides in real time all the data needed in the field of children and youth travel.

Jan Vieth, Camp Adventure, Hamburg

YoYo Camps GmbH

logo YoYo Camps GmbH

What I particularly like about Bookacamp is its continuous and user-oriented optimization and customization. The system is constantly being developed, which gives us the opportunity to customize it and tailor it to our needs. Bookacamp is intuitive to use for us and our customers, keeping them up to date on data protection and technical standards. No matter what questions, ideas or wishes we have, we immediately get an answer and solutions. We value the personal contact and fast and uncomplicated communication. A big thank you to a competent and reliable partner!

Heidi Thoma, YoYo Camps, Michendorf

Keine Macht den Drogen Gemeinnütziger Förderverein e. V.

logo Keine Macht den Drogen Gemeinnütziger Förderverein e. V.

KEINE MACHT DEN DROGEN (translated: NO POWER THE DRUGS) is a non-profit association that offers addiction-preventive adventure camps for children and adolescents. From registration to transfer to event there is always a lot of communication needs. We have been working with Bookacamp since 2016 and are extremely pleased with the intuitive and very user-friendly booking system. Every employee can quickly familiarize themselves with the tool, which is regularly optimized and expanded with additional functions.

Florian Beckenbauer, KMDD, München

Atosto | Feriencamps Finden

logo Atosto

Bookacamp is a very easy-to-use booking software - both in the back office as well as for the customer. The system is very clearly arranged and offers a simple and secure transmission of data with partners.

The Bookacamp customer support is always very friendly, patient and fast and responds to our individual requirements. We are very pleased with the cooperation and can only recommend Bookacamp.

Christina Stungurė, Atosto, Vilnius (Litauen)


logo Kinderlachen Eifel e.v

The step to use Bookacamp was in our view the right one. We are a small organization and had previously done everything manually with an accounting software and various Excel spreadsheets. The booking process took on average 30 minutes until the e-mail or the letter to the customer was done with the bill. Today we need less than 1 minute, the elaborate and often incorrectly loaded Excel spreadsheet is history. Especially the team of Bookacamp deserve a lot of recognition, because due to the fact that we as an nonprofit organization always want to achieve the best possible funding for our participant children. Many discounts and customizations had to be taken into account in the booking, which are probably unique in abundance.

Thomas Treptau, KINDERLACHEN-EIFEL e.V., Wolfsfeld (Bitburg)

Language Farm | Abenteuer Sprache

logo Language Farm

Bookacamp fits in very well with our needs for a clear and user-friendly IT system that allows us more time and energy for our actual work - language camps for children and young people. Communication with the Admin Matze is reliable and timely. Thanks for the wonderful help with the administration / office work.

Sven Seifert, Language Farm, Thüringen